Brooklyn Bridge. The thought of how to connect detached cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn (now representing the areas of New York), was discussed in society in 1806. Three passages of the bridge were connected with two Gothic towers, the length of the main passage stood up for 486.3 meters. The bridge cost 15.1 million dollars. It took up to 14 years to construct the bridge. On the very first day about 1800 vehicles and nearly 150,300 people used it to move to the other side. But a week later among the people appeared a gossip about the possibility of a sudden collapse of the bridge that caused jam and death of 12 people. To assure the people in the strength of the bridge, the authorities conducted on it 21 elephants from the circus toured nearby. If you wish to visit Brooklyn Bridge it will be comfortable for you to stay at Atlantic Inn Hotel which will offer you the best service.

Chrysler Building - a skyscraper of the "Chrysler" company built in 1930, is one of the symbols of New York. The building 319m high is located in the eastern part of Manhattan at the intersection of 42 - th Street and Lexington Avenue. Originally owned by "Chrysler Corporation", now it is in joint ownership of "TMW Real Estate" (75%) and "Tishman Speyer Properties" (25%).
Skyscraper Chrysler was opened to the public on May 27, 1930. It is an example of Art-Deco in architecture. The peculiar ornamentation of the tower repeats the design motifs of caps on the Chrysler brand car wheels oft that time. Maybe this is the best sample of Art-Deco architecture in New York, the most beautiful period in the development of the city.

Flatiron Building is a skyscraper in Manhattan, located at the junction of Broadway, Fifth Avenue and East 23 Street. The name is translated from Arabic as the Iron Building because of its shape resembling the iron. The construction of a 82-meter building was complete in 1902. At that time it was one of the highest buildings in New York. Today Flatiron Building is one of the symbols of the "Great apple".

Statue of Liberty - is "a symbol of New York and the U.S.", "one of the most famous sculptures in the world", "symbol of freedom and democracy", "Lady Liberty" ... This statue has lots of epithets and names in New York! Some people are affected by its size, others pays tribute to the idea, rooted in the sculpture, the third simply perceive it as one of the modern wonders of the world. Each of the four million visitors annually coming to a small island in New York Harbor, where the monument is situated, can draw up his or her own vision of the statue. And each visitor is right in his way. The statue is truly immense: its height from the base to the tip of flare is almost 47 metres, and together with a powerful granite pedestal - 93 meters. One nail of the woman's hand weighs half a kilogram. Prior to the 1899 the Statue of Liberty was the highest building of New York. Gradually it was overgrown by Manhattan skyscrapers. Today there are more than 200 copies of the statue of Liberty - in 39 U.S. states, several current and former possessions States, including the Panama Canal Zone, and in Guam and the Philippines ... In the Copenhagen Christiania quarter known as "hippie town", where anarchy reigns, there is its own statue of Liberty, or rather, a parody of it, witty made of ancillary materials, resembling both the original, and a scarecrow. Well, everyone -has his own understanding of the freedom ...